The importance of Twitter for insurance agents and brokers

There have been many insurance agents and brokers now using social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook to expand their market coverage. But how about Twitter? Is it possible to use it to help insurance agency employees and brokers to market products more effectively?
Can Twitter be used to identify potential customers and help develop a rational system work? And will the strategy of Twitter vary by each insurance product or not?
Improve search ability
Let's start with the "advanced search" which allows agents enter detailed information to help refine the information search function given recently on Twitter, or also known as Tweet. The agency staff may enter information by specific keywords, such as vocabulary, names, addresses or time.
For example, you can search by selecting the Tweet that uses the word “insurance” among the users living in Massachusetts, and those who use the word "relocation" within the last 30 days. Once you have this list, you can use it in many different purposes to build lists of potential insurance customers.
Connect with people who have influence
The social recognition is an essential aspect to find new customers. People want to know that there are others who have worked with your agent and you can help them. Those with influence in local with accounts that are active on Twitter can help you get the social recognition and expand your reach in the community.
Answer the question on the subject of insurance
People will often turn to social media when they have questions to ask. Maybe they're looking for more information about a specific type of insurance or they have recently relocated and need a new agent in their community.
When you read the above piece of information, you can contact with them by selecting Tweet that you want to answer and click on the reply icon located at the bottom of Tweet. A Tweet box will display with the content @"username" of the account you are answering. Give your reply and press Tweet to send it to the account owner.

Once you have established an advanced search method on Twitter, you can save the URL web address and go back for more new entries. Twitter application can also help people to participate in online forums, improve website traffic, and expand the branding possibilities for insurance agents in the model of B2B. There are many ways to use tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with prospects and influential people to find new insurance customers.
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