Healthy Aging: 5 Lifestyle Tips to Get It

The speed of the aging body is mainly determined by genotype. Therefore, each animal species are typical lifespan. However, lifestyle and living environment may also be a factor holding back or accelerating aging process of the body.
Aging is an inevitable process; but if in our daily lives, we maintain a number of principles, they may slow down the process considerably.

1.  Stress Control

The career is not successful, the loss of loved ones, family conflicts or work, issues about children... are factors that often exist in life and cause stress state (stress, psychological). This is a powerful agent of aging. Want to slow down the biological aging process; they must know to control stress, not let the body into a state of stress in along time. Those who live longer and healthier lifestyles are often more moderate, optimistic, and take care of everyone and the future.

2.  Proper nutrition

The correlation between weight and longevity remains poorly elucidated; but we all know overweight and obesity are risk factors for many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, so forth and so on; the disease that is the leading cause of death. Diet for the prevention of this disease requires limiting fat, sugar and salt; eat enough protein and calories a day and provide adequate vitamins and minerals. Unreasonable diet reduces the average life expectancy of 6-10 years.

3.  Limiting the harmful habit

Many studies have proven that drinking alcohol, beer, smoking, use of drugs and so on accelerate aging organs in the body, although the result does not show immediately and we rarely feel it. According to calculations, the heavy smokers reduce the life expectancy of 8-9 years; 10-15 years reduction for alcohol abuse.

4.  Exercise

Between 30 and 70 years of age, our bodies lose about 30 to 40% muscle mass. At this time, the efficiency of the heart and blood supply not less than 30% reduction. The practicingsport regularly will slow down these changes for 20 years. Various types of training in line with middle age and old age, such as brisk walking, running small steps, cycling (minimum 3 times a week, 30-40 minutes per session)

5.  Mental activity

Maintaining mental activity is the key to reducing the rate of aging. If you have been retired, you should get some helpful hobbies such as reading, learning, playing chess in your spare time ... to stimulate thinking and intellectual development.

6.  Social activity

That openness, broad social relations, many friends are less prone to illness than people living alone, self-contained. Stress will affect less than those who have many relatives and friends and they are more likely to suffer from more stressors.

7.  Visiting your doctor regularly

Should visit a doctor at least once a year (the elder the more). In addition to clinical examination, should do some tests such as ECG, ultrasound, blood glucose testing, blood fat, etc. to have complete information about your health status and apply measures timely adjustments.

8.  Skin Care

70% of the wrinkles in the skin are caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun; the harmful effects of it would reveal after 15-20 years. The dermatologists have advised people to minimize exposure to the sun, using shielding measures, wearing a hat.

Based on assumptions about the speed of cell aging, the geneticist says that humans can live up to 110-120 years old. To live a long and healthy life, the right from a young age, everyone needs to build for themselves a healthy life to physical health and good mental health, curb the rate of aging of the body's organs.
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